Guns Dont Kill People, People Kill People

hammer-rifle-cartoon picture by

Stealth Townley
Mrs. Lawler
English IV
Gun Laws
This is probably one of the most divided subject congress has ever put up on the ballot, because this is going against the rights our fore fathers fought for. The reason why America was started to be able to have rights and not be watched over or controlled. These is really stepping all over our 2nd amendment and throwing mud into its face. This is America and the land of free, so how could they possibly think it would be ok to strip us of our constitutional right.
So in my personal opinion I believe that this should be decided by the people that they are taking the guns from. I dont believe congress should be able to make that choice because its not their guns they are taking away. They are taking guns away from law abiding citizens and people who do their jobs and pay their taxes. That shouldnt be right because you shouldnt be punish for doing the right thing, doing what is ask of you and than people who do bad still continue to do bad and kill harmless people.
From the point of view that I am looking at about this situation is that everybody else that dies from anything else but an assault rifle isnt no body special. They arent trying no where as hard for the poor thousnad more people that dead from everthing else but an assault rifle. So that is almost like saying that the people that died from everything else, dont mean a single thing and that would hurt me if that was my family member.
The government is getting to emotion about this, they are flying by the seems of their britches. They needed to step back for a moment and rethink everything but just jumping head first out of the plane. They are trying to put something into affect that is going to make a lot of people really mad and probably cause more bad than good. When they take these guns a way from people it is going to be the last straw and its going to send a lot of them over the edge. This could have the same reaction as when they took slaves away from the south. People will fight for what they believe is theirs and they dont care if they have to died for it, thats the American in us. The Government trying to do is like them trying to control their peopole and our government was made to do that, it was made to work for the people and if those people aint happy they the government better watch out.


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