Happy Cows


           Happy cows is a statement that has been thrown around a lot here lately because of the mad cow disease that have hit a large amount of farms around America. The mad cow isnt really a disease that a cow gets because some over cow stole its grain for the day or took is spot out in the field. Mad cow is actually Bovine spongiform encephalopathy which cause the brain and spinal cord to degenerate.

              This disease is a very serious thing to more than just farmers and losing their money, it also effects many of thousands of people America. It hurts everyone who eat cows because they are always worrying about getting a bad piece of meat Than it hurts the people who sell the meat for a living because if they a bad piece of meat they will lose everything they own. Last it hurts America as a whole because if you take burgers a way from people than that is a lot of money out of the circulation and this hurts everyone.

            So the mad cow disease hurts more than just the cows mood, also hurts people across America. This is why people should always check their cows because its a chain reaction one thing leads to many others. So worst comes to worst buy cows from California because happy cows come from California.


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