Men Down


            A man that once fought for the freedom of people in the United Stated, a man that put his life out there for ours. Just to come  back home and take the lives others for no real reasoning,because he lost his job at a police department. Many people lose their jobs everyday we are still in a rough time right now with the economy. But people with kids and families that lose their jobs dont go out killing his bosses family, they lick their wounds and found a new job because they know that, if they arent there, their family will suffer.

           This man in my oppinon is a coward that cant move on because he lost his doesnt give him the right to kill kids, mothers and fathers. Like I said there is thousands of people who have lost their jobs, but this is where you show how strong of a person you are keep pushing. This is where you get slap in the face you get back up show keep fighting because you need to surive.

          This man was corner in a cabin with no way out and instead of just laying his guns down and turnign himself in, he points them at the officers he once worked with and fired. This man made sure that he wont be taken in for questioning, he made sure that he wouldnt be asked why he killed those kids, mothers and fathers. This man will always be known as the cop killer but this man’s real name is Christoper Dorner.



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