The Beards are Back


People watch Duck Dynasty and think this is just a funny tv show or just a bunch of redneck on tv. Its more than that it is a business idea that has become worth millions. It is a family hobby that has set this family for many years to come with all they could possibly want.

Willie Robertson is a complete genius these man as taking a simple duck call company and made a million corporation. He made a small business into a business that his kids’ lives are set because of it. This man is a joke on the tv show but in real life is what makes the tv show.

This show has brought laughs to many people in the world and it will keep on bring many laughs. It just might seem like is a stupid tv show with a bunch of rednecks. Its more than that its a business, a family hobby and something I want to be when I become older. “THAT’S A FACT JACK!!”-Si Robertson


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