Fat Kids

fat kid

Childhood obesity is starting to become something that all these congress men and women are trying to fix. They have changed the soda machines, school lunches and even changed Mcdonald’s meal, that is some good work. But what they didnt change, well actually they have change this and this is physical activity.

Physical activities should have never been cut down from the school systems, this is one of the leading causes in my opinion. I am an athlete, so I understand about losing weight and keeping it off. From all my trainning I have come to found out that you can eat all the healthy things you want but the best way to burn fat and keep it off is to exercise. A good hard sweat and pain lifting weights, helps with good physical and mental health.

This is why I believe schools should go back to letting kids play and be kids, schools have got to where all they worry about is education. Dont get me wrong education is a key but that education doesnt do any good from the gravel when you die from a heart of attack. Yes I understand China is better in education than us, but if you look they truly havent invented anything they just take an idea sand make it better. Also a large amount of China’s people are poor, those poor peope with that better education, really shows that education is doing a lot of help, doesnt it?


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