The Importantance of a Job


In my personal opinion I feel like everyone should have a job. I think people should get off their butts and actually do something for world and not take from it. They need to stop milking the system and earn what they are getting because if not more people are going to join this wagon and the working people are going to be limited.

I believe that the government has made getting wealthfare way to easy to get on to. There should be a lot more stricter rules and laws to be able to get on wealthfare. I also think that they should have to go in and check out the people that want to get on wealthfare.

Once people get that feeling of getting soemthing that they had to work hard for I believe they would love that feeling. I know I sure do but my parents engraved it in me the value of a dollar at a very young age. That is what I believe everyone should understand the value of a dollar, so they learn how hard it is earn a buck.


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