Frankenstein is a book that takes a little bit to understand and keep up with because it uses a lot of colorfully words, it also goes into a lot of detail on everything. So the first couple of charapters I wasnt fully understanding what was going on. But now I’m starting to understanding what is going on and now the book is getting better.

A big think that was really hard for me to understand was that the monster doesnt have a name, the doctor’s name is Frankenstein. This was hard because in all the tv shows and movies the monster’s name is Frankentstein, so i was getting the characters confused. Than after getting into the story and really paying attention I figured out who the real Frankenstein was.

Frankenstein is a book that when against everything that was going on at this point. At this time people just believe in religion and left it at that, they didnt question it. This book brought out science to everyone and it started to open everyone’s eyes to question what they have been told before.


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