Sit Out the Season


You dont know how good you have something until it is gone and I have learned this the hard way. I have had to sit at the large amount of my senior baseball season because of a broken hand, that I got from playing this wonderful game. I know its what i put myself in and I wouldnt change a thing I have done, I wish I had my time back that I lost.

A broken hand is something you really dont understand, until you have lived with one. Things that you think are easy such as pulling your pants is very but try it with just one hand. This event has really opened my eyes and to how I have been living my life .

Also some days when I went out to play baseball I didnt practice as hard as I could because of different reasons. Now days I would anything to be back out there and be able to play with my team again. That’s what I wish for is to be able to get back out there and help my team win six districts in a row.



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