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The End is Near


It has came to that time in my life where I put the final touches to a charapter and begin another. Most people talk about how you will miss this time of your life, but I just dont know about that.  I mean dont get me wrong iI will miss the stuff i have done and the people but I’m ready to start with something new.

I’m ready to begin my new charapter and set my life in the direction I want to go. I’m ready to get out on my own two feet and do my own thing. I am just tired of everyone around me trying to tell me what to do and what to buy, I’m ready to make my own choices.

So yes the end is near but its an end I am truly ready to put the final touches on it and seal it up. I hope I have put my name out there the right way and have made my family now and my future family happy with what I have done. In the end of the day I look back and I am happy with what I have done and thats the only thing I care about, because one day your life is going to flash before your eyes, so make it to fun to watch.


Sit Out the Season


You dont know how good you have something until it is gone and I have learned this the hard way. I have had to sit at the large amount of my senior baseball season because of a broken hand, that I got from playing this wonderful game. I know its what i put myself in and I wouldnt change a thing I have done, I wish I had my time back that I lost.

A broken hand is something you really dont understand, until you have lived with one. Things that you think are easy such as pulling your pants is very but try it with just one hand. This event has really opened my eyes and to how I have been living my life .

Also some days when I went out to play baseball I didnt practice as hard as I could because of different reasons. Now days I would anything to be back out there and be able to play with my team again. That’s what I wish for is to be able to get back out there and help my team win six districts in a row.


Jobs for the Future


We all dream of having everything we could ever want when we grow up and get our dream job. We dream of having all the toys and cars that we can have because of this job. But this job isn’t for sure and given to you, this will probably be one of the most hardest things to earn in your life because you are fighting with hundreds of others that want this job just as bad or not more than you do.

Just because you when to a four year college or university and got a degree in the field of this job doesnt mean you got a job there. Now days it is really hard to get a job, just because there isn’t enough jobs out there for everyone anymore. So now it’s a battle out there, it’s a tooth and nail battle out there for a job because this is what puts the food on the table and a roof over your head.

So the goal that I can tell you about the workforce now days is to buckle down and get your schooling done. Always try and do the best you can because you want your name to stand out from the rest. Last thing I can say is always be thankful for what you have and build from it.



Frankenstein is a book that takes a little bit to understand and keep up with because it uses a lot of colorfully words, it also goes into a lot of detail on everything. So the first couple of charapters I wasnt fully understanding what was going on. But now I’m starting to understanding what is going on and now the book is getting better.

A big think that was really hard for me to understand was that the monster doesnt have a name, the doctor’s name is Frankenstein. This was hard because in all the tv shows and movies the monster’s name is Frankentstein, so i was getting the characters confused. Than after getting into the story and really paying attention I figured out who the real Frankenstein was.

Frankenstein is a book that when against everything that was going on at this point. At this time people just believe in religion and left it at that, they didnt question it. This book brought out science to everyone and it started to open everyone’s eyes to question what they have been told before.

The Importantance of a Job


In my personal opinion I feel like everyone should have a job. I think people should get off their butts and actually do something for world and not take from it. They need to stop milking the system and earn what they are getting because if not more people are going to join this wagon and the working people are going to be limited.

I believe that the government has made getting wealthfare way to easy to get on to. There should be a lot more stricter rules and laws to be able to get on wealthfare. I also think that they should have to go in and check out the people that want to get on wealthfare.

Once people get that feeling of getting soemthing that they had to work hard for I believe they would love that feeling. I know I sure do but my parents engraved it in me the value of a dollar at a very young age. That is what I believe everyone should understand the value of a dollar, so they learn how hard it is earn a buck.

Fat Kids

fat kid

Childhood obesity is starting to become something that all these congress men and women are trying to fix. They have changed the soda machines, school lunches and even changed Mcdonald’s meal, that is some good work. But what they didnt change, well actually they have change this and this is physical activity.

Physical activities should have never been cut down from the school systems, this is one of the leading causes in my opinion. I am an athlete, so I understand about losing weight and keeping it off. From all my trainning I have come to found out that you can eat all the healthy things you want but the best way to burn fat and keep it off is to exercise. A good hard sweat and pain lifting weights, helps with good physical and mental health.

This is why I believe schools should go back to letting kids play and be kids, schools have got to where all they worry about is education. Dont get me wrong education is a key but that education doesnt do any good from the gravel when you die from a heart of attack. Yes I understand China is better in education than us, but if you look they truly havent invented anything they just take an idea sand make it better. Also a large amount of China’s people are poor, those poor peope with that better education, really shows that education is doing a lot of help, doesnt it?

The Beards are Back


People watch Duck Dynasty and think this is just a funny tv show or just a bunch of redneck on tv. Its more than that it is a business idea that has become worth millions. It is a family hobby that has set this family for many years to come with all they could possibly want.

Willie Robertson is a complete genius these man as taking a simple duck call company and made a million corporation. He made a small business into a business that his kids’ lives are set because of it. This man is a joke on the tv show but in real life is what makes the tv show.

This show has brought laughs to many people in the world and it will keep on bring many laughs. It just might seem like is a stupid tv show with a bunch of rednecks. Its more than that its a business, a family hobby and something I want to be when I become older. “THAT’S A FACT JACK!!”-Si Robertson